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Liz + Tyler. Rainy afternoons and optimism. Sonoma County Wedding Photographer.

All of the rain. From the second we hit the Bay Area, we hit the rain. It actually was raining in LA when we left, a rare treat that only slowed our traffic slightly.

Adventuring up to Santa Rosa for an engagement session/getaway weekend was obviously not something that could easily be rescheduled. But since we were spending almost three full days up North, I thought there was at least a chance that one morning or evening would be at least partly sunny. Wrong. From the second we got in, to the second we left the region it was a constant solid rain. Puddles grew, I only wore my rain boots all weekend, roads were even washed out. Not at all something this girl was used to.

I’ve shot in the rain before, but never when I was so fully out of my element. We had a plan to shoot at a vineyard of Tyler’s family, and some great locations around town. We had plans! I got a little bit worried. Enter the calm, collected, and wonderful bride-to-be Liz, who with the help of some friends picked two indoor friendly locations for us that turned out to be perfect, and so incredibly welcoming to us, that I kind of accidentally fell in love with the the city, the people, and the Sonoma County way of life. We wandered, we shot, we barely even had to crack umbrellas. And it was such a rad and totally different adventure.

So thank you Liz and Tyler for having faith in me and letting me photograph you both in the rain. You both are so inviting and so  seriously wonderful. Thanks for being totally up to a total change of plans, and for enjoying the process of the adventure. And a huge thanks to Trione Winery, and the super rad H2 hotel in Geyserville for letting us take shelter in your beautiful properties.


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