Hacienda Que Syrah Wedding. Temecula Wedding Photographers

I was so proud of myself for selecting and processing these images to finally get back to blogging… and…. then I saw this blank space above them. With a blinking cursor. What even goes up there? Words? Whole words? and punctuation? esh.

For a girl with a journalism degree and one of those people who like  – “like to write” – I haven’t written in what feels like years.  In a year that felt like a decade, an occasion for me to coherently string words together in full and complete sentences, just … didn’t pop up. SO. As this little tiny Covid-safe wedding brought breath to my lungs and inspiration in a weird year, I’ve also found myself with an occasion to write.

This wedding was a boho dream, with dried flowers from etsy and foraged pampas bringing in all the boho vibes. The laid-back trend that comes with these mostly close family, intimate weddings is absolutely my favorite kind of celebration. The norms and rules are thrown out the window as we all try to navigate having a wedding at a private estate, with as few people as possible. Everyone steps up to help decorate, plan, and execute a vision. Is it a little more work? Probably. But making it work, safely, in these crazy times, holds so much magic.

This Temecula private estate Hacienda Que Syrah provided the perfect home base for almost everyone to stay, with the hacienda sleeping at least 20. Such a perfect way to hold your rehearsal dinner, wedding night, and even and extra night or two safely with family!

I’m constantly impressed with how brides are handling everything covid is throwing at them, whether it’s postponing, eloping, rescheduling, or planning a small, safe celebration. But Jasmin and Mike also put all this pretty together in just 3 months! I’m a firm believer in not letting anyone tell you that something isn’t possible, especially when it comes to weddings. And this day, my friends, is such a perfect example of that!