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Joshua Tree Elopement – Southern California Desert Anniversary Session

Ten years ago I got to witness these two exchange their vows, so it was such an honor to capture this session for them as they officially celebrated ten years married. With a stunning bouquet from Spellbundle blooms, a bottle of champagne and their sweet vintage flutes, we ventured out to the California desert on basically the longest day of the year, in a year which frankly also felt like an eternity. But getting to adventure out in the desert with these two in the middle of the weirdest pandemic summer was such a beautiful and oh-so-needed bright spot.

Love getting to watch these two do life together, can’t wait to celebrate your 20 anniversary with you!


Hacienda Que Syrah Wedding. Temecula Wedding Photographers

I was so proud of myself for selecting and processing these images to finally get back to blogging… and…. then I saw this blank space above them. With a blinking cursor. What even goes up there? Words? Whole words? and punctuation? esh.

For a girl with a journalism degree and one of those people who like  – “like to write” – I haven’t written in what feels like years.  In a year that felt like a decade, an occasion for me to coherently string words together in full and complete sentences, just … didn’t pop up. SO. As this little tiny Covid-safe wedding brought breath to my lungs and inspiration in a weird year, I’ve also found myself with an occasion to write.

This wedding was a boho dream, with dried flowers from etsy and foraged pampas bringing in all the boho vibes. The laid-back trend that comes with these mostly close family, intimate weddings is absolutely my favorite kind of celebration. The norms and rules are thrown out the window as we all try to navigate having a wedding at a private estate, with as few people as possible. Everyone steps up to help decorate, plan, and execute a vision. Is it a little more work? Probably. But making it work, safely, in these crazy times, holds so much magic.

This Temecula private estate Hacienda Que Syrah provided the perfect home base for almost everyone to stay, with the hacienda sleeping at least 20. Such a perfect way to hold your rehearsal dinner, wedding night, and even and extra night or two safely with family!

I’m constantly impressed with how brides are handling everything covid is throwing at them, whether it’s postponing, eloping, rescheduling, or planning a small, safe celebration. But Jasmin and Mike also put all this pretty together in just 3 months! I’m a firm believer in not letting anyone tell you that something isn’t possible, especially when it comes to weddings. And this day, my friends, is such a perfect example of that!

Chino Hills Family Photographer – Family Portraits with Dogs

First of all, please always bring your dog to your session. Ok, maybe not always, there are a few places where your pooch might get us kicked out. But really, every few years at least: bring. your. dog. Does it make your session just a little bit more crazy? YEP. Absolutely. But if your pup is part of the family, let’s make that work. I promise to do all the whistling, crazy high pitched dog calling, key shaking, and maybe even dancing that we all can handle. I’ll also hold your dog while we take some family pictures without your dog. I promise!

I’m so lucky to get to capture all the milestones for this sweet family. Watching them blossom as parents is so much fun.

Big Bear Wedding and Elopement photographer

These two braved an afternoon that went from chilly to downright freezing in the matter of about 10 mins flat. We might be a bit spoiled down the mountain with our winter temperatures, but those winter afternoons in Big Bear can get cold fast!

Thanks for being troopers through this cold you two. Your sweet love for each other is SO fun to witness!

In Home Newborn Session. Los Angeles Newborn Photography

Being able to photograph my past wedding couples is one of my favorite things. I feel so fortunate to get to spend another session with my couples as they embark on their next major life milestone.

Weddings are full of SO many emotions, we’re rushing to make everything happen on time, families are there, there’s a hustle and a (literal!) bustle and just so much magic in the air as two people formally and publicly promise themselves to each other.

A newborn session definitely has the same magic – and while there are some nerves and some bustling – there’s so much more downtime. Newborn sessions are slow. They are hurry up and wait. They are swaddling, and rocking, and shhhhh-ing as we try to get a sweet babe to sleep. They are often about two hours long, but honestly about 20 minutes of shooting. It’s SUCH a beautiful way to slow down and capture such a beautiful next step in a couple’s life. I feel so lucky to get to be almost a fly on the wall as I watch two people dote on their newest little addition.

And of course, I love photographing newborns at home – because duh – we get some puppy time too!