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Old Town Pasadena Engagement Session. Pasadena is mostly magic.

These two adventured with me on the quintessential Pasadena adventure. Kimberly asked if we could start at her parent’s place, which is SO perfect because I love incorporating as much “home” from love stories as possible into sessions! Such a sweet place to kick it all off too, since that’s where these two will be tying the knot!

We then ventured to the Colorado Bridge, which holds so much of Pasadena’s soul! I would always love seeing this bridge after long car rides, growing up it meant we were getting cloooose to home and for the past 5 years it’s meant that I’m home!

We hit up Lucky Baldwins for a brew (which is where the hubs and I like to celebrate New Year’s Eve (early – British time!) and then cruised through Old Town chasing the good light.

BUT the icing on the cake for these two lovely humans was – we were shooting outside a restaurant and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone coming out to talk to us. I honestly thought we were getting kicked out (private property) but instead total strangers brought out champagne to celebrate their engagement! Real life! I’m not sure if it’s gets more thoughtful than that, but seriously, these two deserve it! Pasadena has such a different pace of life that I’m always trying to pin down or explain to people – but that right there – just encapsulates the magic.

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