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The Nurturing of One Crazy Nala

I’m afraid I’ve got to start this post with the dreaded apology. I haven’t been blogging (gasp…) much lately because I’ve been nurturing my lovely pup back to health. She underwent a pretty gruesome knee surgery at the end of May, and she has been under pretty much constant supervision since. She basically had a torn ACL, which is surprisingly common in dogs. So we repaired it with Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) surgery, which was actually pretty minimally invasive. Kinda. Except for the sawing of the bone.

Now Nala has NINE screws in her knee along with a metal plate. She has been pretty much unfazed by the whole ordeal, so unfortunately has to be given pills every day to keep her quiet and give her knee time to heal. She’s probably more hyper on her doggie-downers than most normal dogs are on the day-to-day. Can we say high-energy dog? That said, sorry for the down time, but don’t worry, I have been shooting.. and it’ll be up here shortly.

As frustrating as it is being stuck at home with a dog  (when your friends call, it’s a pretty darn lousy to have to tell them you can’t leave your dog home alone) the down time is fairly welcome. Lots of editing, organizing, and daydreaming I can check off my list!

Here are a couple old (and bad) iPhone photos to introduce you to Nala. When her hair grows back we’ll have to do some doggy portraits. Nala is full of energy, emotion, personality, and very good at barking. But she is definitely full of love.

Here’s a couple post surgery. She looks pretty pitiful, I know, but these were both taken just a few days after, and she’s feeling much better now.

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