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Boho Backyard Wedding. Jennifer + Bo. Chino Wedding photography

Backyard weddings tend to have a really beautiful kind of intimacy that I truly enjoy. Usually there’s a little more “all hands on deck” a little more DIY, and a gorgeous cocktail of friends, family and wedding party making things happen. This lovely private estate wedding was no different. Such a magical vibe and a […]

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Yorba Linda Backyard Wedding – Amanda + Scott – Orange County Wedding Photography

I must have set some kind of record at this wedding. I cried during the ceremony, during the father-daughter dance, and I’m pretty sure I cried during one of the speeches.  Mind you, I really didn’t know these adorable folks very well. Amanda and Scott live in Wyoming (jealous!!) and had their wedding at Amanda’s […]

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Brandon + Joleen : Simple, elegant, and perfect. Corona CA wedding Photography

Turns out, I’m a sucker. Sometimes it’s during the first dance, sometimes it’s the priest, the speeches, or something the groom says to the bride. Or sometimes, it’s something that the groom doesn’t say to her, but that moment without words, that their eyes lock, and you can feel the strength of the love between […]

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