In Home Newborn Session. Los Angeles Newborn Photography

Being able to photograph my past wedding couples is one of my favorite things. I feel so fortunate to get to spend another session with my couples as they embark on their next major life milestone.

Weddings are full of SO many emotions, we’re rushing to make everything happen on time, families are there, there’s a hustle and a (literal!) bustle and just so much magic in the air as two people formally and publicly promise themselves to each other.

A newborn session definitely has the same magic – and while there are some nerves and some bustling – there’s so much more downtime. Newborn sessions are slow. They are hurry up and wait. They are swaddling, and rocking, and shhhhh-ing as we try to get a sweet babe to sleep. They are often about two hours long, but honestly about 20 minutes of shooting. It’s SUCH a beautiful way to slow down and capture such a beautiful next step in a couple’s life. I feel so lucky to get to be almost a fly on the wall as I watch two people dote on their newest little addition.

And of course, I love photographing newborns at home – because duh – we get some puppy time too!


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