Colorful Arts District Engagement Session. Downtown Los Angeles Wedding Photographers

I started this blog post as I start most entries, queuing up the images and thinking about my time spent with the couple. I think about their wedding, their relationship, their families, the personalities and though I’ll admit most of my blog posts are pretty rushed, I try to channel the vibes and put to words how these two make me feel. (which obviously, I’m much better at putting into pictures how two people make me, rather than words, but hey,I’m trying)

So. Like any subpar writer, I typed “eager” into my thesaurus looking for a word with a bubblier connotation. I’ll spare you the list of results, and try to cut to the chase, because you come here for images, not words. But when I asked these two to embrace, or to kiss, or spin, or even run – there absolutely zero hesitation. It’s hard to put into words when I know two people are really perfect for each other, but seeing how eager Laura was for the chance to sneak a kiss over to Ian…. I just know it’s so very right.

So here are the images. I hope you can feel their excitement, their zest, their oh-so-rightness for one another.

Thanks for the city adventure (and for driving through that adventure!) you guys. I had such an effortlessly wonderful time with you both, and I can’t wait for your big day.