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a dinner date + fashion shoot + corn fields + gorgeous sunset

This shoot was inspired by something I saw on Promise Tangemen’s blog. A dinner date night with a girlfriend, and well, why not shoot a little before dinner? The weather had been pretty awful almost the whole week before, with oppressive heat scattering Thunderstorms all over southern California where we usually just have clear, dry, warm summer nights. The humidity was high, it was well over 90 degrees as the sun was setting and we were out shooting. It’s been relentlessly warm and unbelievably humid for the better part of 10 days in a row now. Even as I type this we’re still getting threats of flash-floods and wild weather, and multiple lightning- strike started fires are burning not too far away.

But even as terrible as the weather has been, how miserable most days have been (we’ve run the AC more in the past week than the rest of the summer combined!) the undeniable silver lining is that it’s brought gorgeous sunsets to the southland. August has been an extremely busy month for me, and as much as I’m not a fan of the heat, and even less a fan of the humidity, I have been SO fortunate to be able to shoot out in this absolutely breathtaking light that this wild weather has given us.

This shoot was one of my favorites of the wild weather shoots. We rushed out to chase the setting sun and caught it just in time as it dipped below the corn stalks.  Golden glow, corn fields, and an amazingly gorgeous lady who was awesome enough to adventure out with me on a Friday night and not only NOT laugh at me when I suggested shooting in this field, but actually be excited about it. How awesome is she? This pretty lady has a blog starting up, called Pretty Prolific, about generally being fashionable and fabulous. She is an amazing graphic designer if you’re in the market for something pretty on paper.

She is so stinking gorgeous! And I’m so thankful for a peeeeeerfect summer evening breeze to work it’s magic on her gorgeous hair!

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