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Laguna Beach Senior Portrait Photographer

This babe rocked her senior portrait session down by the beach. I seriously cherish getting to pick the brains of these graduating seniors, and hear all their plans hopes and dreams for the future. I always leave  senior picture sessions so inspired and optimistic!

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USC Senior Pictures. University of Southern California Senior Portraits

Getting to wander the campus of USC is such a treat, especially during the buzz of Spring and all the graduates it blossoms. It has a slight east coast vibe and it something about it just feel so regal. I love trekking through the campus with someone about to graduate too, they get to show […]

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Pasadena Senior Portrait Photographer

As the temperatures heat up on the West Coast, this bright young lady is packing her bags and preparing for her first semester on the East Coast. Washington DC city life, a double major, and a majorly chilly first winter await Miss Sara, and I know she’s going to just kick booty all around. We […]

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Charlotte. A beautiful spirit + a whole lot of wind. Cal State San Bernardino Senior Pictures.

Charlotte warned that it would be windy. But when I heard “windy” I thought…. maybe… a strong afternoon breeze, at most …maybe similar to a light Santa Ana wind. No big deal. Well. It was in fact windy, but more like the kind of wind where you can’t really get your car door open, your hair is […]

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Ariel 2014 Senior Pictures. Redlands Senior Portrait Photographer

Ariel is SO adorable. Rad style, mature beyond her years, and so stinking cute!! She’s also going to school on a full-ride scholarship so she kind of kicks booty too. Congrats Ariel, and congrats to the class of 2014!! 

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