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Millwick Wedding. Laura and Ian. Downtown LA wedding photography

I keep staring at this cursor blinking like I’ve got a paper to write. I’ve been meaning to/working on/rough drafting – through this blog post for a few weeks now. But we’ll start here fresh. It’s definitely high time in the wedding world, June’s busy shooting season now turned into a July behind my desk and somehow it’s August. Blogging gets shifted to the back burner because brides are waiting, patiently, to relive their best days through pictures, my pictures, and that’s really a big deal.

And honestly creating the word side of blogs is hard. While once I was a “writer” – I mean, a person who occasionally would write… and didn’t hate writing papers in college, writing now for this purpose is a challenge. Inspiration- I tend to get that out through pictures these days. And speaking of people who write – Laura writes for a living. There’s an extra pinch of pressure on this one.

I think I stumble upon some writer’s block as I have been shooting weddings for 8 years now and it’s hard to create a new sentence to describe “these people are magical, and they love each other so much and that’s magical, and dang it life is rad” because I’m thankful that that is how weddings make me feel and I could probably write that sentence for every wedding I shoot.

But. Laura and Ian. Dang it their love is magical. These two could make eye contact with each other and I’d feel it in my stomach. I relished seeing Laura at her groom, and look out at her friends and family – it just felt like she was trying to capture every moment, every feeling, to hold on to for forever. The smiles out of these two, the stories from friends and family, the shoulder rubs, the winks, the high fives, the genuine warmth; I wish I had much better words to describe it. But I guess that’s why I’m the camera lady, not the wordsmith.

Laura and Ian, I can’t thank you enough for your authenticity, your thoughtfulness, trust and kindness. Your love makes my heart swell. Cheers to the best lifetime together!!

just the best.

Venue: Millwick Los Angeles | coordination: Carly Rae Weddings | Flowers: Kats Creations Floral  | Video: | Dress: BHLDN |



August 27, 2017 - 6:44 pm

Andy - The settings here is just gorgeous!

Synthia and John. LA Arts District Engagement Pictures

I think it’s always a good idea to start an engagement session at a brewery. I might be biased, since my own engagement session started with a brew, but I think it’s a fun way to ease into the session. Iron Triangle was kind enough to let us in to their tasting room so we could grab a beer before adventuring through the Arts District in LA, which is also one of my favorite places to shoot.

Family Portrait Photographers Los Angeles + Pasadena

I love watching this family grow. From their engagement to wedding, to this beautiful baby girl, I can’t get enough of this fam. Seeing them blossom into such wonderful parents is so fun; they beam with such love and excitement with this little peanut. 

The Collins Family Pictures. Pasadena Family Portrait Photographers


Family Portrait sessions are such a simple pleasure for me. I love getting to to see past couples, and see families I’ve been photographing for years. I love the slower pace of these sessions, the unrushed moments together, letting the littles run out their crazies, and definitely squeezing in some time for tickling and cuddling.