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Brandon + Joleen : Simple, elegant, and perfect. Corona CA wedding Photography

Turns out, I’m a sucker. Sometimes it’s during the first dance, sometimes it’s the priest, the speeches, or something the groom says to the bride. Or sometimes, it’s something that the groom doesn’t say to her, but that moment without words, that their eyes lock, and you can feel the strength of the love between the two… that just melts my heart and my eyes fill up. It doesn’t always spill over, but pretty much every single wedding these days, I’m just about to the point of tears. Because I’m such a sucker for love.

It seems to happen even if it’s the very first time I’ve met the couple, but it’s definitely worse when I’ve known them for as long as I’ve known Brandon and Joleen. Their wedding day was such a perfect illustration of their love for each other, and it came together so flawlessly with the help of family, friends, and even some impressive generosity from a certain someone’s boss. But those unexpected blessings are such a testament to how amazing and kind-hearted both Brandon and Joleen are.

Joleen and Brandon, I feel so fortunate to have been part of your day. To be able to hide behind the lens and capture the stunning display of your wedding, and to be able to put the camera down and smile at you two being just perfect for each other.  You guys are awesome.

Grab your coffee and enjoy, this is a long one!

Blue wedding shoeswedding hairwedding dresscorona ca wedding

bride getting readybride getting readyBridesmaids in black dresses

My second shooter Nick Wisda took the Epic picture of the groomsmen below.

gorgeous bride

wedding ceremony corona ca


Corey Morgan Photography

backyard wedding

First Dance

Weddings like this remind me how fortunate I am to have amazing friends!


Venue: Private Residence – Corona, CA

Make Up: Tammy Bugarski

Second Shooter: Nick Wisda

Photobooth: Riverside Photo Booth

Baby Bump – A Menifee Lakes Maternity Session

Amanda has the perfect little baby bump. It’s the kind of baby bump that makes ladies want their own baby bump. I won’t get into specifics, but I think you catch my drift.

This shoot was so sophisticatedly simple. Perfect summer evening sun enveloped us as we walked literally steps from the proud parents house. Right from their doorstep, and out on the lake within seconds. I could not have asked for more.

You guys are going to be awesome parents. Can’t wait to meet him!

July 8, 2011 - 10:08 am

Krista Conlon - LOVE them Corey! Great job!!

July 11, 2011 - 3:17 pm

CoreyAMorgan - Thanks Krista!

July 12, 2011 - 9:05 am

Brittney Pecore - I looovee the picture with the ribbon around her baby bump! So precious! Good work Corey!! 🙂

A bundle of newborn perfection – Meet Ella – Norco Newborn Photography

Another occupational bonus is I get first dibs on meeting friend’s new babies. The best time for a newborn shoot is pretty much 6 – 10 days old, and I was fortunate enough to meet this beauty while she was still in the single digits as far as days on earth are concerned. Which is perfect, because Ella’s mom probably met me around the same stage in my life. We go waaaay back.

Ella is as beautiful and flawless as she looks. An amazing little bundle of perfection. I cannot wait to watch her grow!

Have a happy and safe July 4th everyone! Hope you have the time to enjoy friends and BBQ!  (even if it’s soy dogs and veggies!)


July 5, 2011 - 10:16 pm

An Early Morning Drink + a lovely love story : Jason + Kim

It’s not often that I knock on the door of the bar at 10am on a Sunday. No, I didn’t leave my debit card behind last night…. I was invited in by the owner, who graciously opened her bar up early so we could shoot Kim + Jason in the place where they met, and shared adorable early relationship moments together.

Kim and Jason literally kept me laughing the whole time we were shooting. They both have the best sense of humor, and would alternate cracking jokes with telling tales of how they both knew their relationship was simply meant to be. So stinkin cute!

Congrats to Kim + Jason, I am without a doubt positive that your November wedding is going to be the best party these parts have seen in awhile!

June 14, 2011 - 10:23 am

Liz - *Love* (especially about not leaving your debit card behind.) Beautiful photos!

June 14, 2011 - 10:32 am

CoreyAMorgan - It happens to the best of us! 🙂

March 22, 2012 - 11:10 am

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The Nurturing of One Crazy Nala

I’m afraid I’ve got to start this post with the dreaded apology. I haven’t been blogging (gasp…) much lately because I’ve been nurturing my lovely pup back to health. She underwent a pretty gruesome knee surgery at the end of May, and she has been under pretty much constant supervision since. She basically had a torn ACL, which is surprisingly common in dogs. So we repaired it with Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) surgery, which was actually pretty minimally invasive. Kinda. Except for the sawing of the bone.

Now Nala has NINE screws in her knee along with a metal plate. She has been pretty much unfazed by the whole ordeal, so unfortunately has to be given pills every day to keep her quiet and give her knee time to heal. She’s probably more hyper on her doggie-downers than most normal dogs are on the day-to-day. Can we say high-energy dog? That said, sorry for the down time, but don’t worry, I have been shooting.. and it’ll be up here shortly.

As frustrating as it is being stuck at home with a dog  (when your friends call, it’s a pretty darn lousy to have to tell them you can’t leave your dog home alone) the down time is fairly welcome. Lots of editing, organizing, and daydreaming I can check off my list!

Here are a couple old (and bad) iPhone photos to introduce you to Nala. When her hair grows back we’ll have to do some doggy portraits. Nala is full of energy, emotion, personality, and very good at barking. But she is definitely full of love.

Here’s a couple post surgery. She looks pretty pitiful, I know, but these were both taken just a few days after, and she’s feeling much better now.

L e t ' s   b e   S o c i a l
R e c e n t   W o r k