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the best + worst part of working at home (plus a killer tomatillo salsa)

The best part about working at home is being home. The worst part? Being home. For sure. Because on days like today, when I’m really easily distracted, I have the choice to allow myself to be. No boss, no coworker’s drama, no… anything really. I do miss the work environment a little bit. But now that I’m home a lot, I have an awesome veggie garden, I can cook more, run more, and have more deep conversations with Nala. My Golden Labradow. Ok, she’s a crazy mutt, but either way. Tomato, Tomatoh.

Speaking of tomatoes – I am currently sweating from a tomatillo salsa I just whipped up. It’s that hot. I’m not complaining, but my keyboard might melt soon. I’m not big on recipes, so I’m pretty darn good at making salsa because very little measuring is required. In the aforementioned garden, I planted all the goods I need to make completely homemade salsa. The only thing I didn’t plant was garlic, and for some reason all my cilantro died. I don’t have the greenest of thumbs.

I love a good green salsa. There are a lot of mediocre green salsas, but when I find a good one… I’m a happy lady. So I’m on my quest to make the perfect one. In my mind, green sauce is spicier than red, and is full of cilantro and jalapenos (and of course tomatillos). I’m actually still pretty far away from perfecting it, but today’s concoction was a pretty darn good alternative.

If you aren’t familiar with tomatillos, I would suggest you acquaint yourself soon. They aren’t just green tomatoes. And they are not “tomato-tillos” like my mom says. They’re ripe when they start to break out of the bottom of their husk. But my plant likes to drop them much sooner, so I’m no expert.

If you want to make a killer salsa, take about a pound of tomatillos out of their husks, cut them in half and roast the little guys for about 5-8 minutes at 400. Then add half an onion, a couple small jalapenos, cilantro, garlic, and lime juice. Add a little salt, pepper, and cumin to taste. (I roast about half of the amount of onion I add so it has both the sweet flavor and the bite). Then blend it all together in a food processor or blender and viola. You have a quick, easy, and flavorful salsa. You can also use it as a sauce for fish, or green sauce for enchiladas.

I haven’t tried to make this with raw tomatillos yet, but that might be my next experiment because what I’ve been making so far is pretty sweet. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! In the meantime, I’ll continue on my quest for the perfect green sauce.

Below is a husked tomatillo and the delicious finished product. My salsa is way less green than yours will be. All the jalapenos left on my plant have turned red. Might be why my salsa is so hot too. 

I would love nothing more than for you to find your favorite person, make some of this salsa, make some tacos, grab two cold ones and enjoy.

August 12, 2011 - 6:23 pm

Mama - It looks yummy! How does it compare to HotCha?

August 12, 2011 - 10:03 pm

CoreyAMorgan - nothing compares to the cha! But at least this way I feel like I’m getting my veggies too.

Mike + Sabrina – Guardian Jet Center Engagement Portraits, Ontario CA

I got up at 5 am for this shoot. Which really isn’t that crazy, but getting up while it’s still dark, gathering my multiple bags, and cruising through my old Starbucks felt strangely familiar. That was the exact routine of early mornings getting to my old job. Which, during the holidays, I got up before 5 every day of the week. It was not my favorite part of that job. But honestly, I would get up in the dark every morning to shoot at an airport. To shoot anywhere really. That’s how I know this “job” is the one. So if anyone out there is looking for a sunrise session, I’m totally ready for it. 

I didn’t know that the Inland Empire had a Jet Center. But I guess most likely that’s because I’m not in the business of needing to store or use my personal jet. If I did, Guardian would totally be the place I’d use.

This was the long-awaited second half of Sabrina & Mike’s engagement shoot (the first half is here). It’s been in the works since about January, and I’m so glad we could make it happen. I could not be more excited for Mike and Sabrina’s wedding. They are so sweetly and simply in love that I can’t stand it.

Corey Morgan PhotographyJet Center - Corey Morgan Photography Corey Morgan Photography

Corey Morgan Photography

Mike & Sabrina are my 9.10.11 couple, so wedding pics are coming soon!

August 10, 2011 - 3:03 pm

Daniel Balboa - That’s a beautiful set of pictures. 🙂

August 10, 2011 - 4:25 pm

Nick Corona - amazing… just plain amazing!

December 2, 2011 - 12:54 am

Mike and Sabrina : A Boulder Creek Ranch Wedding » Corey Morgan Photography - […] How fun is that paper airplane exit? Mike’s a pilot, so there’s always a little aviation theme. We even did their engagement pictures at a Jet Center, see them here. […]

April 17, 2014 - 7:01 pm

Engagements and Airplanes! | Addicted 2 Fun - […] A sunrise travel themed engagement session with a pilot, his bride to be, and some beautiful planes!Source: For More on “Engagements and Airplanes!” click here […]

The Duncansons – Hidden Valley Nature Center – Riverside Family Portraits

Kim and Jamie make me confident that there is a perfect someone for everyone. Their love perfectly complements each other in a way you rarely get to see. They have been together forever, I’m not sure how long, but I’m pretty sure once you hit the “forever” label… it doesn’t really matter.

They both have huge hearts. The kind of people you definitely want in your corner. Which makes me certain they are going to be the best kind of parents.

Mallory is one of the happiest babies I know. She wasn’t particularly thrilled with our choice of venues, but she still was a champ nontheless. We ventured out to Hidden Valley Nature Center for these. I had no idea the place even existed, but it was perfect!












July 26, 2011 - 1:54 pm

shannon - What an amazing family!!! What an amazing photographer!! These pics are amazing!!!! 🙂 love you guys!!!

July 28, 2011 - 9:43 am

Brittney Pecore - Fantastic! Love the colors! I’ve always wanted to try this location, and now i want to even more. =)

The ridiculously good looking Hannah Family : Corona Family Photography

I love, love, LOVE all the color in these portraits! If you’ve had a couple conversations with me within the last 3 months, chances are, the conversation has a least flirted with being focused on color. I’m obsessed lately. Ever since the first notes of spring hit this year, I’ve been easily sidetracked by bright colors and quirky hues.

So as the Hannah family walked up to their portrait session in Downtown Riverside I was, well, thrilled. And while the color was exciting to my easily distractible mind, I was pretty excited just to see one of my favorite families too. All the kids chipped in to buy a photo session for their mom for her birthday. What a sweet idea! And since her only son lives across the country, she definitely needs some pictures.

January 12, 2012 - 9:55 pm

The Hannah Family – Temecula Wine Valley Photographer » Corey Morgan Photography - […] is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of shooting the WHOLE Hannah clan, and they are such a fabulous family.  And how dang cute are those little ones? Ridiculously. We […]

Slow Shooting on a Sunday

Ventured out on some couples shooting this Sunday. Yes, normally that would mean I shot some engagements, or some sweetheart photos, but this is not what went down. I actually went out shooting with my other half, because I think he’s really good at it, even though he’s never really tried. But I just knew. And now I know. We got some really good stuff, and I’m proud to say I’ve totally taught him everything he knows…. yep. In one hour on Sunday.

I told him where to put the sun, and he did the rest. Now I just have to get him to help with editing, and he’s hired!




July 22, 2011 - 2:14 pm

Della White - Sounds like a fun time and he’s a total natural ~ that last photo of you is gorgeous! 🙂

July 22, 2011 - 2:24 pm

Melissa Hughes - It does help a little that you’re gorgeous! But it looks like he took some awesome pictures!

July 22, 2011 - 2:50 pm

Brooke Jones - The pictures are beautiful 🙂

July 22, 2011 - 4:35 pm

Colleen Sanders - Yes, he did a fantastic job! He had a beautiful subject!

July 22, 2011 - 6:28 pm

CoreyAMorgan - thanks everyone! he’s a natural for sure, because I’m pretty darn uncomfortable on the other side of the camera. 🙂

July 23, 2011 - 7:09 am

Brittney pecore - I absolutely love what he did with that sun flare!!!

August 10, 2011 - 4:03 pm

Nick - BOO-Yah! So awesome! You’re so good, Corey!

January 12, 2012 - 10:17 pm

The Hannah Family – Temecula Wine Valley Photographer » Corey Morgan Photography - […] play match-maker more often? And to tie it all back together, Chris actually introduced me to Sean, my other half. Such a strange little […]

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