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USC Senior Pictures. University of Southern California Senior Portraits

Getting to wander the campus of USC is such a treat, especially during the buzz of Spring and all the graduates it blossoms. It has a slight east coast vibe and it something about it just feel so regal. I love trekking through the campus with someone about to graduate too, they get to show me all the “major” spots for senior portraits and I love ducking into their neck of the woods too. I like to make sure we capture some of the buildings where they spent the most time, spent late nights studying, or even lazy afternoons cramming in the quad.

Omar is straight up killing it, and going off to work for Apple. Congrats!!

Kassy + Brandon. The Homestead in Oak Glen Wedding

Fall weddings in Oak Glen have their own kind of magic. The air is crisp and the sun is softly warm, and if you’re lucky, there are still a few apples on the trees. This was one of the last weddings of the year up at the Homestead in Oak Glen, before the take a few weeks off for the winter when the nights get a bit too chilly to host an outdoor wedding.

It was one of my last weddings of the year as well, and I could not have asked for a more wonderful group to spend it with. Kassy, Brandon and their families were such a merry group, and the bride and groom were so sweetly in love.

Kassy and Brandon, thank you so much for sharing your magic with me! Thank you for being so very sweet to each other and sharing something so very special. Cheers to a lifetime together!

The Homestead in Oak Glen, Oak Glen CA |

Jessica and Travis. Laguna Engagement Pictures

Winter. I’ve recently become seriously attached to winter. That sentiment feels strange to admit as a Californian, but these rainy days and the resulting big puffy clouds that float by after the storm have been so refreshing. After the long hot summers and the relentless heat through October, it’s so nice for the dust to be washed away and see new life finally stretching up toward the sunshine.

This day was seriously the best case scenario for capturing that winter magic. We watched the weather all week, as threats of rain for this afternoon rose and fell. And we were so fortunate to have a few tiny rays of sunshine pop through some moody clouds. With the grand finale being the sweetest softest sunset that made for a some seriously dreamy pictures.

Jessica and Travis thank you for being so sweet and full of light! I can’t wait to capture and celebrate your wedding with you!

Heather and Brian. Pasadena Engagement Photographer

I will admit that I still get a little flutter of nervousness before sessions sometimes. Sometimes it’s meeting clients for the first time, sometimes it’s just a new location, or sometimes I’m just excited for whatever adventure lies ahead.

I like to think it keeps me in a place where I’m not complacent. I think something new is very important to keep a creative spark alive, and I think a tiny bit of uncertainty pushes me into a creative space where I thrive.

My favorite part is, no matter what kind of nerves, illness or other distractions I have spinning around in my head, when I pick up a camera they magically melt away. I cannot explain it, but it helps remind me I’m in the right place.

This session had a more specific kind of butterflies for me, since Heather is a talented photographer herself. Shooting a fellow photographer is always such a flattering, welcome challenge, because you know that they know a little more inside information. They can watch the light, can see what lens you’re using, and anticipate your go-to tricks for getting that perfect laugh.

These two melted away any of those nerves. Naturals in front of the camera, big smiles and even bigger embraces made the day a breeze.

Summit House Wedding. Fullerton Wedding photographers

This was summer wedding perfection. The lace dress, the effortless love and beauty of the bride and groom, the wild fire-cracker-like spray of their flowers, and the casual elegance of the Summit House made capturing this wedding alongside Brittney Pecore Photography an absolute breeze. Thanks so much Brittney for letting me tag along!