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Colony 29 wedding. Amy + Mark. Palm Springs Wedding Photographer

Amy is a firecracker and Mark is the sweetest. Together, they have the kind of chemistry that you can feel from across the room. Hang out when them for 5 minutes, and you know they both take great pride in taking care of each other. Watching these two as the day went unfolded, just made my heart swell.

Their wedding was filled to the brim with all the little wedding moments that tug at your heartstings. Tears were flowing, smiles were plenty, and celebrations were nothing short of top-notch. Palm Springs showed up with it’s iconic sunny skies though technically it was still “winter” but the heat faded away into the perfect dusk for dancing and celebrations.

Amy and Mark. You are nothing short of caring, fantastic people. Thanks for sharing your day with me. Cheers to a lifetime of celebrating everything life has to offer!

Colony 29, Palm Springs CA | thanks to my amazing second shooter Nick Wisda

Class of 2015. Alix. Orange County Senior Portraits

This one has that twinkle in her eye. Her spirit, her confidence, her smile (her hair!!) all of it so very full of fantastic. She’s just about to wrap up her degree, and will launch into the world of teaching shortly after.  Congrats Alix, and congrats to the class of 2015!!  

Sweet Newborn Lana. Los Angeles Newborn Photographer

Oh newborns. Little cuddly bundles of happiness. Newborn sessions are always a mix of nerves, patience, and then just flat out cooing. We wait so patiently for this tiny human to fall asleep, and then as I get ready to take a picture, I get so nervous that even something a simple as the click of my shutter will rustle this bundle awake. Little miss Lana was a bit older than my average newborn sessions (which are best done about 6-10 days old) but she was surprisingly snuggly once we got her sleeping. I think her little extra time to grow made her extra cuddly as well.


Intimate Orange County weddings. Ibis + Wil. Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer

Few things are better than a small intimate wedding in the hills overlooking the ocean; in an old, sundrenched and wonderfully creaky church. These two exchanged vows with the perfect balance of simplicity and romance.

These two are obviously a perfect match, when they’re together they shine, and I could see that in the short time I spent with them on a not-so-average Saturday afternoon. Cheers you two, thanks for supporting each other, and being so wonderful together!

St Mary’s Episcopal Church, Laguna Beach CA

Oak Canyon Nature Center. Adam + Lisa. OC engagement photographer

I am so happy these two are finally getting married. This session was such a breeze because Lisa and Adam are simply adorable together. Nothing fancy, just the kind of love that creates a super comfortable atmosphere. And the laughing, that always helps. Thank you two for being such naturals, for being yourselves, and therefore – for being awesome. Can’t wait until Fall! 

March 18, 2015 - 9:11 pm

Karen D - Aww, they look so snuggly together! Love it!

April 2, 2015 - 10:11 am

shani - What a beautiful spot – and lovely photos of this cute couple – I love how you composed them showcasing both them and the location !

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